Essays and Journal Articles

Academic articles, essays and journal writing by Fintan Vallely.

2014-03 – ‘Playing, paying and preying: cultural clash and paradox in the traditional music commonage’; essay, pp 53-67, in in O’Connell, Tom & O’Donovan, Orla (eds.), Community Development Journal, Vol. 49 No S1 January 2014; Oxford: Oxford University Press.

2013 12 – Essay – “The hind teat: strategic misassumption in the promotion of Traditional song in the English language”; pp. 53-68 in <em;">Béaloideas 81 (Journal of The Folklore of Ireland Society, Dublin).

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2007 03 Tiger Ireland, Turd Sniffers & Meta-Trad: People, Power and the Pursuit of Privileged Status in Music in Ireland : Fintan Vallely Journal of Music in Ireland (JMI) March/April 2007 : Volume 7, Number 2

2006 05 Song, Music and Dance in Star of the Sea : Fintan Vallely Song, Music and Dance in Star of the Sea Journal of Music in Ireland (JMI) May/June : Volume 6, Number 3

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