Flute performance in ‘News’, by Brendan Ellis, at Ranelaghfest, Dublin

‘News’,  a one-hour mosaic of music and poetry as part of a Ranelagh district community event. Core of the event is c. 1000-year-old poetry in Irish composed by poets who would have spent time in the vicinity of Cullenswood and the general area. Translated by Brendan Ellis from various sources, only one of these pieces is still heard today (An Cailleach Béara – The Old Woman of Beare) and the name of only one of the poets is known – Liadán. Participating in music for the event are Jenny Robinson (recorder – Lament di Tristan e Rotta), Andrew Robinson (percussion, bass viol – Paddy’s Rambles Through the Park), Mick McNally (accordion), Paul De Grae (guitar – Ag Taisteal na Blarnán), Fintan Vallely (flute – Judith Guthrie’s suite), John Keogh (The Bard of Armagh – keyboard), David Carmody (French horn – Táimse ‘mo Chodhladh).