Ón gCos go Cluas – From Dancing to Listening

Ón gCos go Cluas 2020 COVERVoices from the North Atlantic Fiddle Convention conference held in Derry City, 2012

Edited by Liz Doherty and Fintan Vallely

303 pages, ISBN 978-0-9511569-9-5

Available from March 1st, 2020

Traditional music has moved from a primary purpose of servicing dance, to expressing artistic preference. Further, the outer fringes of traditional melody-making now shade into other forms – jazz, contemporary classical, rock and pop – and indeed towards the antithesis of genre, so-called ‘world’ music. The chapters in this volume reflect on this visible re-orientation, exploring North Atlantic musics in terms of the shift of folk cultures’ interest from social process to aesthetic product.

Ón gCos go Cluas heard the voices of more than a hundred speakers from all regions of the North Atlantic, each of them a musician or music teacher; they covered many aspects of Traditional music in addition to the fiddle. Thirty two of their voices are published here.

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